Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt of India, has established the National Genomics Core (NGC) with its hub in NIBMG, Kalyani, and centres in CDFD, Hyderabad, and University of Allahabad. NGC provides consultancy and services to the academia, clinics and the industry using high-throughput sequencers and high-density microarrays in human-, bacterial- and meta-genomics. NGC is commited to provide affordable services in high-quality data generation and computational & statistical data analysis. NGC is constantly expanding its repertoire of service platforms. NIBMG started providing Genomic core services. Soon, CDFD will also start its activities.

As part of first step, Central Core at NIBMG is already announcing service solutions to the interested clients via its communication channel, coteri[at]nibmg[dot]ac[dot]in. Researchers are encouraged to utilize National Genomic Core facilities such as high-quality data generation and computational & statistical data analysis etc. for their research and development activities.

National Genomics Core (NGC)