Latest Announcement

S. No. Title Details End Date
1 Public Consultation- updation of Risk Group of Microorganism new Details 15/03/2021
2 DBT Annual Report - 2021 new Details 05/04/2021
3 Annual Report and Audited Accounts of IVCOL new Details 05/04/2021
4 Call for Applications for 3rd Batch of Trainees under the DBT-UMMID initiative for Fellowship in Genetic Diagnostics new Details 31/03/2021
5 DBT FIGHTS COVID- VIRUS TO VACCINE new Details 27/02/2022
6 E- Compendium of Technologies in Animal Biotechnology and Aquaculture new Details 27/02/2022
7 Result of S. Ramachandran-National Bioscience Award for Career Development 2020-21 new Details 31/03/2021
8 Result of Janaki Ammal-National Women Bioscientist Award 2020-21 new Details 31/03/2021
9 Biotechnology Vision Mission Key Achievement Book new Details 31/03/2021
10 CEPI’s Call for Proposals on Complementary clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines(Last Date-28/05/2021, 5.30 PM IST) new Details 28/05/2021
11 Recruitment of Scientist-III position at NBRC, Gurugram(Last date- 22/03/2021) new Details 06/04/2021
12 Advertisement for the post of MD, BIBCOL new Details 06/03/2021
13 Call for Proposal (2021-22) for Development of Neurotools, Techniques & Protocols new Details 31/03/2021
14 Advertisement for the Recruitment of NABI, Mohali new Details 17/03/2021
15 Draft National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2020- 25 new Details 25/01/2024
16 Compendium of DBT instructions new Details 31/12/2021
17 Construction and Commissioning of Pilot scale GMP compliant manufacturing Facility or Production of Clinical Grade Bacterial Vaccine on a Turnkey basis Details 31/03/2021
18 Advertisement for the post of Executive Director of THSTI new Details 22/08/2021
19 J.A-National Women Bioscientist award-Application Proforma 2020 new Details 31/08/2021
20 Rapid Response Regulatory Framework for COVID 19 - Compilation of Notifications new Details 03/07/2021